How it All Started

I always love looking back to how I came to starting an event planning business and a gift packaging business.

Little Event Planner came first. I always loved to plan, ever since I studied recreation in college and university. While away at Brock, I majored in Community Recreation and knew deep down I wanted to make a difference not only with the organization I would work with, but also with the community. When I went back to school for Event Management, I had full intention to start my own business. In March 2019, Little Event Planner was created and then launched two months later when I moved to Burlington.

The idea for Little Green Package came when I created a Christmas gift last year. My boyfriend and I wanted to create an experience gift for his oldest niece and nephew since we don’t see them often. So I turned to Pinterest and found a DIY Ice Cream Sundae Box which was perfect! After that, the business idea came. I was moving back to Ottawa in January and wanted to not only support local businesses but also create eco-friendly gifts.

When I am passionate about something, I run with the idea. I am the kind of woman who not only wants to bring smiles to faces at events and with gifts, but also make an impact in the community. I hope you enjoy the journey with Little Co. I cannot wait to help you plan your event and/or create the perfect package for you!

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